Revelation director talks PlayGo partnership, life on set

Writer/director, Sosiessia Nixon-Kelly

Writer/director, Sosiessia Nixon-Kelly’s Revelation was featured on Digicel’s PlayGo platform in August. But the director revealed to Buzz in a recent interview that she had tried collaborating with the corporate giant years before.

So long ago in fact that Digicel, at the time, had not yet launched its PlayGo platform. At the time, Kelly had tried pitching an idea for a separate project to no luck.

“We pitched an older idea to an associate who is also an employee of Digicel years ago. I was informed at the time that they do not buy content,” said Kelly.

“With their PlayGo platform now being available, I [approached them] earlier this year. This time they were interested in listening and I got the opportunity to pitch Revelation.”

Sound Recordist, Dwayne Palmer and Director of Photography Wentworth Kelly on the set of Revelation.

According to Kelly, Digicel liked the concept of the TV show but was still not interested in purchasing the content and instead came on board as a sponsor.

The series, which explores themes like teenage pregnancy, infidelity, paternity fraud, children’s rights, and other relevant and pressing topics, was shot in a COVID-safe environment with a limited cast and crew members. Kelly says the team, through meticulous planning, managed to shoot an episode per day.

“We never thought it was possible to shoot one episode per day, but with proper planning, we were able to pull it off. We knew we were shooting in one location and so we got everyone COVID tested and moved in on location,” she said.

Adding that, “no one was allowed to leave the location while shooting so rehearsals, shooting, sleeping, getting ready, everything was done on set. Home became the set.”

(Left to Right) Natoya Parchment-Wallce, Sosiessia Nixon-Kelly, Mark Anthony Deacon, and Kevin  Jackson share a moment behind the scenes. 

The writer/director says the experience, although sometimes tedious, was filled with synergy, and motivation.
According to Kelly, bringing Revelation to life is only the beginning.

Outside of their recent PlayGo partnership, Kelly and her team are currently working on a feature-length film set to go into production in 2022, and Revelation season 2 is currently being written.

“We also have two short films [“Fear” and “Unconditionally”] on the film festival circuit that have been taking home awards so we are looking at the potential of those films,” she said.