Rich rich! Kim Kardashian is building a mini town in her backyard

Kim Kardashian at 2018 Met Gala (

If you have the space and the money for it…why not?

BUZZ fam, Kim Kardashian is once again showing us that there are levels to this thing. The mom of four is building a “Lil’ Hidden Hills” town for her kids in her expansive backyard.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, Hidden Hills is the famous Calabasas gated-community, where the Kardashian clan live among other A-list celebrities.

And Kim is building the perfect replica of this for her kids right in her backyard.

All in the details: 'Lil Hidden Hills,' which is plastered on a welcome arch at the town's entrance, features myriad of shops and play stations, including a KKW Beauty storefront and a Lego castle
(Photo: DailyMail)

Photos obtained by Daily Mail,  show an aerial shot of the nearly finished town. It includes its own security gate, an archway that reads “Lil’ Hidden Hills,” a “KKW Beauty Boutique,” a Starbucks, a “West” diner, a fire station, and a Lego castle.

We don’t know why Kim is building this for her kids, and we know is that she can.