Richie Innocent receives award for dub poetry in New York

Dub poet Richie Innocent recently received a certificate of excellence at the Sarabita Masters Awards in New York for his contribution to the global advancement of dub poetry.

Richie Innocent holding the certificate excellence he received at the Sarabita Masters Award in New York recently.

The Kingston-born poet, who is known for poems such as Where Are The Warriors featuring Wise Wurdz, Community and Good Old Days said he is grateful for the award.

“It is an honour to receive this award.”

— Richie Innocent

“This award was given to me by Ras Atiba, the founder of the Sarabita Masters Awards in recognition of my work as a poet in the global poetry space. Ras Atiba is one of the foremost dub poets and promoter of dub poetry in New York, so it is an honour to receive this award from him and his organisation,” said Richie Innocent.

“I’m happy to be a member of the new generation of dub poets in Jamaica. Together we are waving the dub poetry banner high and spreading the energy around the world.”

The Sarabita Masters Awards is an annual event which was founded by New York-based dub poet Ras Atiba (given name Emile Ivy). The first staging of the event took place in 2012. 

The 2019 staging of the Sarabita Masters Awards was held at Stratosphere Studios in Brooklyn, New York, on December 20.