Riding high: World’s tallest swing now open in Dubai

At 460 feet, the Bollywood Skyflyer is now the world’s tallest swing ride

If you love heights, then you will love this!

The world’s tallest swing is now open in Dubai. The swing called the Bollywood Skyflyer and is a treat for adrenaline junkies. It’s all of 460 feet (140 meters) tall — the same height as the Great Pyramid of Giza

Unveiled last week at Bollywood Parks Dubai, it set a new world record for the tallest swing ride, knocking the 450-foot-tall Orlando Starflyer out of the top-spot.

The Bollywood Skyflyer is made up of 421 tons of steel, took 600 days to build, and a further 120 days to install, says Milton D’Souza, general manager of the popular theme park.

And that won’t be all. According to CNN the theme park is set to break even more records in 2021. Later this year, the park plans to open the Bombay Express — the region’s first and only wooden rollercoaster.