Romain Virgo shares hilarious story of how he met his wife

Romain Virgo and wife, Elizabeth got married two years ago

Two mongrel dogs, two stones, and a young helpless girl screaming for help. That, according to reggae artiste, Romain Virgo was how he met his wife, Elizabeth Virgo.

The Love Doctor shared the story on the couple’s recently created YouTube channel. The encounter happened while he was spending time in Montego Bay with relatives, and went to a community shop one night.

“While we were on our way back to the house, mi see this person a run come down the street and with two dogs following behind, and the person a bawl out,” he said.

“First thing we could do is draw fi two stone and mek some noise, and one of the dog run go east, one go west. She run come straight inna mi arms, and lay her head pan mi chest, and history knows the rest,” he said while Elizabeth gave him an incredulous sceptical look.

“You wish,” she said.

The true story

The couple’s story time video of how they met was filled with a lot of ‘blushing moments’

Got you, didn’t they? Well, to be honest, they got us too. But that is not the true story of how these two lovebirds met, the real story is a little less dramatic.

When Romain met Elizabeth more than a decade ago, he was actually in a relationship. His girlfriend lived overseas and had visited him to spend some time. When she was going back home, he took her to the airport to see her off, and that’s when Romain and Elizabeth had their first encounter.

“I was there [at the airport] talking to a Rasta bredrin, and I saw this beautiful woman coming towards me and she came over to me and give me a ‘story’.”

“She was like, ‘excuse, one of my friends wants to meet you, I told her that I would come over and ask you to say hi, can you please come over and say hi to her?’,” he said.

But Elizabeth quickly interjected to give a ‘clearer’ picture of their first meeting.

“I walked over to you as if you were someone that I know, and I pointed to her, I said ‘yuh see da girl deh over there suh, she really rate you, so mi bet her a while a go seh mi ago mek you come seh hi to her, and she nuh believe mi’, so just come come say hi when you finished’,” she clarified.

Captivated by her beauty

But in the end, it doesn’t matter which version is true, because according to Romain, he was just completely captivated by Elizabeth’s beauty.

One look at her, and Romain was hooked

“This woman was just so beautiful. I couldn’t keep my eyes off you. I was saying, ‘wow she’s so beautiful’,” he said.

Elizabeth said she then saw Romain’s girlfriend and a friend who had accompanied them to the airport staring.

“I noticed that two persons were looking in our direction, intently like they are waiting on somebody. So I said, ‘a you dem a wait pan?’ and you turn round a see dem, and mi seh ‘a yuh wife dat? And you said yes,” she said.

“So mi seh ‘yuh married?’ and yuh seh, ‘no mi no married’, and wi laugh it off. Mi seh ‘hurry up and gwaan because mi cya fight’.”

After that encounter, Romain said he couldn’t stop thinking about the woman he met at the airport.

“I was tempted to go back, but I remember that I had a friend that worked at the airport at the time. I told her that there is this beautiful woman, I didn’t know which department she worked, but I told her you wore green, and she mentioned your name,” Romain said.

“And I said, if you could please just get her number fi mi, just tell her I’m asking for her number, and if you can do this for me, mi nah ask yuh fi do nothing more.”

Elizabeth said she reluctantly gave the friend her number to give Romain, as she, too, was in a relationship.

They eventually became friends, and this time, the rest is really history.