Romain Virgo’s wife shuts down ‘insensitive’ pregnancy comment

Elizabeth Virgo and husband, Romain are parents to twin daughters

There’s always that one person who always want to suggest that you might be pregnant even when you didn’t ask. And Elizabeth Virgo, wife of Jamaican singer Romain Virgo found the perfect way to shut such a person down.

The couple, who has a YouTube channel with over 126,000 subscribers posted a video recently giving their fans a life update.

In a teaser posted on Elizabeth’s Instagram account, encouraging her followers to go watch. But because the video was titled ‘Life Update’, one person thought that this must be pregnancy, and had the gall to voice that opinion.

“I think Liz is pregnant. Something about her seem different,” this person commented.

But Elizabeth wasn’t having it.

“We can be so insensitive without realizing. It is not a compliment to a woman that recently gave birth to be told she looks pregnant when she is not,” she quickly responded.

However, the commentor apologized. “No harm meant,” she wrote.