Romeich shares first photo of daughter

Weeks after announcing that he’s now a girl dad, artiste manager Romeich Major has finally given us a glimpse of what his baby girl looks like.

And we can’t imagine a cuter way for him to wish his followers a great weekend!

“Happy Friday from my little munchkin 😍❣💕💞💕💞❣❣😍. Hi Instagram family meet my daughter #SKYE,” he captioned a photo of his daughter.

And although her face was covered, we just just find it adorable seeing Romeich gushing over his baby girl.

And we know we’ll be seeing many more moments of this.

“Mi always want wah daughter and see mi get a daughter now, so dem inna trouble,” Romeich said in a recent interview.

“I’m gonna have a beautiful daughter, and I’m going to be happy,” a grinning Major added.