Rondell Positive calls for change in ‘The Mirror’

Rondell Positive says Jamaicans should be the change they want to see in society.

Inspirational singer Rondell Positive has returned with The Mirror, a song that calls on Jamaicans to help make a change in the country.

Reminiscent of Bob Marley’s One Love and Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror, the song is a clarion call for people to look introspectively at themselves and become the change they want to see in life and society at large.

“Since the release, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

— Rondell Positive

According to Rondell, the impetus for the compelling song was spawned many years ago.

“I went to a high school to speak to a group of students in 2014, and it so happens that one of them was at the ‘Girls’ Day’ in 2009 (she was a grade six student then) and she said to me, ‘that very day I made the decision that no problem I have, I will look to anyone to solve it because I realised I am the person who has to answer the problems I face’, and it hit me,” Rondell Positive explained. “Fast-forward to 2019, the second verse of the song became clear, and I completed it.”

Aggressive promotional campaign

Rondell Positive believes many Jamaicans are lost and misguided.

Rondell continued, “After completing the project I said to myself this is something special and what better way to release it than on my birthday (February 5). Since the release, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with several noted members of the various classes in society thanking me for doing what they consider an apposite song for the times when many within our society seem so lost and misguided.” 

For the singer, who is known for several gospel songs, The Mirror is more than a worship song. He said it connects with a wide audience.

Rondell also plans to roll out an aggressive promotional campaign around the project, including a launch and an island-wide tour.