Rootz Revealers joins fight to preserve the Cockpit Country

The Rootz Revealers band has chimed in on the environmental battle over mining in the Cockpit Country with the video for their latest single, Pot of Gold, which was released on all major digital online platforms earlier this month.

The members of Rootz Revealers (Photo: Contributed)
The members of Rootz Revealers (Photo: Contributed)

“The video is a protest against the idea of mining in the Cockpit Country. We have to protect this environmental area from exploitation by foreign interests and the government. We must preserve this area, our Pot of Gold, for the sake of the environment and future generations,” said Chris Mundahl, a member of the Rootz Revealers band.

Pot of Gold is the 2019 remake of the 1983 original by the band Chalice. The single also features the vocals of emerging artiste Goldy. The sentiment of the song mirrors the group’s firm political and environmental stance against corporate plunder. 

“We must preserve this area, our Pot of Gold.”

— Chris Mundahl, member of Rootz Revealers

Local environmentalists have long considered Jamaica as one of the high-risk countries that may suffer greatly from climate change, decreasing the native population’s potential food supply and water resources. The video opens up with a written statement in support of the recent protests of environmental groups against mining in the Cockpit Country.

“There is a worldwide struggle to maintain the integrity and purity of the earth and her most valuable resource… water. While a Pot of Gold would be nice, it is neither rare nor valuable in comparison to clean water, air, and soil. Free access to clean air and water are a basic human right which must be constantly defended from corporate plunder,” Mundahl said. 

The band will arrive in Jamaica soon to boost the promotion of Pot of Gold. The single is from their yet to be released album that is still in the production stage.