Rvssian mourns father’s passing

Music producer, Rvssian

Music producer Rvssian is mourning the loss of his father, Micheal Johnson.

In an emotional post on Instagram, the popular producer shared with his followers the close bond that he had with his father, a bond that he will miss greatly.

“Daddy I love you 💔💔💔 you were the best i could ever ask for. I will miss those phone calls from you telling me to buy candles for the hurricanes 😭.. i learned all my good traits from you & wish to be more like you. The simplest person I know, the most humble and most connected to earth,” he captioned a series of childhood photos of him with his father, as well of a photo of him visiting the older Johnson in the hospital.

Rvssian continued; “You were 25 years + ahead of everything. From raising me a vegetarian 🌱 to preaching about solar houses & electric cars.”

Johnson operated a promotion and production company called Micron Music Ltd with Ronnie Burke in the 1970s. In 2011, he released a 16-track instrumental album titled, Jamming With Mikey J. Rvssian, whose real name is Tarik Johnson worked with his father on the album.

“i wouldn’t be who I am today without you 😭😭😭 you influenced me musically & gave me tough love. But the right love I needed to go & get it myself without help, the right support mentally. There isn’t enough tears for how I feel 💔,” he added.

Rvssian did not share his father’s cause of death but revealed that he was 81-years-old.

“I know you would want me to cherish our good moments but it’s not as easy as they say it is. Thank you for being by my mommy 50 year’s, now I will try & fill your footsteps.”