Rygin King shares sweet birthday post for child’s mother; fans react

Dancehall entertainer Rygin King loves his child’s mother and he wasn’t shy about letting his Instagram following know.

Rygin King

The artiste took to IG early Sunday (February 21) to post a photo of his child’s mother as he sought to shower her with love on her special day.

“Happy birthday  to my baby mother wishing you blessings on top of blessing,” said Rygin King who shared a photo of the special lady who is seen holding his son.

“It’s ur day enjoy it. love from ur baby daddy,” added Rygin King who used the kiss blowing emoji.

While most fans lauded the sweet gesture, others quickly attempted to sow seeds of discord, pointing out that the artiste was notorious for posting the photos of his children’s mothers and later removing them.

“Dem man yah no easy at all smh can imagine how baby mother number 1 feel smh,” said one user.

“Well he didn’t make a post for her bday so why made one up for this one?  eeeh eeeh 🤯,” questioned another user.

“Funny but a fi him business that still, I care zero.”

– Instagram user

The user’s question was shortly answered by a hard core fan who defended the artiste, noting that he did post his other child’s mother, adding that they all get featured, however only for a short period of time.

“He did post her for her b-day. He just doesn’t keep it on his page. This one will be removed too after a while,” responded an Instagram user.

The chatter online continued with some fans telling others to mind their own business, while others expressed nonchalance.

“unno jus all up inna ee man business suh ,” said one IG user.

Rygin King is father to a son and a daughter.

Following a shooting incident, in which Rygin King was seriously injured in 2020, the entertainer has said his kids mean everything to him.