S.I.P mom: Yanique Curvy Diva struggling to deal with mother’s death

Entertainer Yanique Curvy Diva
Entertainer Yanique Curvy Diva

Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett’s Instagram page is usually flooded with raunchy photos and lots of jokes. However, things took a sombre turn on Tuesday night when she informed her followers of the passing of her mom.

“Thank you, Jesus, for giving us a few more months of laughter, love and advice from her. It made it way easier to accept, but it still hurt bad. #S.I.P. She was my biggest supporter. I remember any time I would get upset or argue with someone she would quietly start singing: “Maxfield mi come from dat a bad place” and everybody would start laughing.”

“She was my biggest supporter.”

— Yanique Curvy Diva

On Wednesday, Yanique made a number of posts on her Instagram story, also pointing to the death of her mom.

“Sadness and this weather don’t mix,” she said. That post was followed by another caption that read. “And just like that the sun came out, thanks mom #S.I.P.”

Although Yanique has been private about the matter, her fans have been sending condolences to her and her family.

— Written by Shania Hanchard