Sabu: changing the way we find jobs

“Sabu is disruptive, it’s flexible and it’s what we need,” Calvin Malcolm said proudly of his innovation.

Calvin Malcolm explaining how Sabu works

It’s a website that allows you to advertise your skills and be hired temporarily by a company that needs to fill a vacancy, fast. Malcolm is a human resource consultant, and he knows all too well the tedious process of getting new workers. And with people changing jobs faster than they do cell phones these days, he wanted to make hiring new people easier.

Sabu also helps companies save money, while giving skilled professional a way to make extra money. “Companies don’t want to advertise for a short shift, or for one day or a weekend. Somebody can work in a bank, be a teller, and be a photographer at the same time,” Malcolm told BUZZ.

“By putting your name on the site with your experience, companies will find you, you don’t have to find them, they will find you. One income does not bring you to the next level.” he said.  

Sabu offers a flexibility that the regular hiring process does not

The platform was launched  in October this year, and so far, more than 70 companies have been listed. 

Although it was initially created to target the service industry, Malcolm said it has been attracting companies from other industries as well. “When I started I figure it would be mainly hospitality companies that would list, but companies have been advertising for accounting clerks, social media managers, writers,” he said. 

Malcolm said he intends to expand Sabu into the Caribbean by next year.