Sam Smith undergoes hair transplant surgery

After experiencing hair loss for years, British singer Sam Smith decided to do something about it by undergoing hair transplant surgery.

Sam Smith

And, yes, that’s a thing if you didn’t know.

Smith explained that a hairdresser suggested the procedure to deal with the hair loss.

“My hair … it’s been a touchy place for me,” 28-year-old Smith said in a video for Vogue.

“I haven’t actually spoken about this before, so I’m gonna speak about it because I don’t actually feel like I have anything to hide.”

Smith continued: “But I was losing my hair, here, about two years ago, and so my hairdresser Paul basically said, he thinks it would be a good idea for me to get a transplant and to look into it.”

The I’m Not The Only One singer later went to Ireland to get the procedure done.

Describing the new hairline as ‘stunning’, Smith said that being bald is also a beautiful thing.

“It’s nice to have hair, but also if I was bald, I would still own it too because bald is beautiful,” said Smith.