Sandie Heron offers a Traveller’s Notebook for life in Japan

Should you have intentions of going to Japan in the future, Jamaican author Sandie Heron has curated a guide to help you navigate, understand and explore the culture in her second book, The Traveller’s Notebook: Stories of a Jamaican’s Journey in Japan.

Heron, who serves as an assistant language teacher in Tokyo, said her decision to share her experiences is rooted in the hope that they will benefit others.

“I am expecting that it will be an introduction to the vibrantly rich culture of Japan,” she told BUZZ. “Also, it will serve as a source of motivation and inspiration for those who may need it. In particular, I expect that it will be a guide and a source of reference for the many foreigners living in Japan who struggle to make sense of their journey.”

She added, “I hope that it will encourage others to document their own experiences no matter how simple they may think it is; whether journaling for personal record or for future publication.”

Based on primary themes like embracing change and trusting one’s journey, Heron said the publication is also suitable for “people who are transitioning from one area of their lives to another and would do well with hearing another person’s success story.”

The book is slated for release by month-end on Amazon. 

The Journey

Heron’s first book, Journey Into the Unknown, was published in 2020 and chronicled her move from Jamaica to Japan and the life lessons therein. Heron said the writing process for her second book differed from the first as she conducted more research about Japan and its culture.

“I wanted to provide the most accurate and current information,” she said. “I also had to do a lot of introspection which caused me to do a deeper analysis of my time in Japan, my thoughts and feelings. The editing process was also much longer…

Editing the book and going through all the themes, lessons and stories truly helped to motivate me and keep me grounded in my own life. My stories became a source of inspiration for me.”

The second go also sees her publishing the book through her own company, Our Evidence International Publishers Limited. 

“It is a dream come true and it feels amazing,” she shared. “I have learnt a lot about the publishing process: writing, editing, research and copyright, formatting and book design, marketing and familiarization with various book publishing platforms, and last but not least, the financial side of the business. Based on the quality, time and effort that went into this book, I am confident in my skills and abilities to do for others what I have done for myself.”

Will Heron’s future work centre around other cultures and travel experiences?

“My aim as an author is to write about diverse topics and themes that I think will be beneficial to others, regardless of where I am. These are not limited to my travels. As long as I am able to extract stories or lessons from my experiences that I can share with others to inspire them, I will do so.”