Save our edges! Spice tells Nicki Minaj to keep natural hair

Dancehall artiste Spice told Nicki Minaj not to perm her hair when the rapper wondered if she should add chemicals to tame her flowing tresses.

Spice is known to sport a wig on occasion, and so too new mother Nicki Minaj.

It’s no wonder that the ‘Queen of dancehall’ chimed in when Mrs Petty asked if she should perm her hair.

“The perm damages it and makes it easier for our edges to go missing.”

– Dancehall artiste Spice

The Pink Friday artiste took to Instagram to share a bathroom pic of a gloved hand and her glorious natural hair. She captioned the post, “If I perm my hair it’s gon b touchin my booty. Should I perm it yall? Real hair to match my real big ol ghetto booty. Ugh love this for me”.

Responses were overwhelmingly against the idea of adding chemicals to her hair, with several celeb pals voting against the idea and even suggesting alternatives.

Spice was no different. She told the Trini rapper to “Keep it natural Queen. The perm damages it and makes it easier for our edges to go missing”.

She continued, “it’s stronger under our wigs when it’s natural”.

Other artistes who told the Monster raptress not to go the chemical route included Kelly Rowland, Normani, Winnie Harlow and Porsha Williams.

In true Nicki style, fans of the artiste were left hanging and will have to wait for an update to see what decision she made.