Say cheese! Man’s phone goes missing, is returned filled with monkey selfies

BUZZ fam, we can’t decide if this is cute, funny, or just weird.

So a 20-year-old man’s phone recently went missing from his home in Malaysia, and then mysteriously turns up at the jungle behind his house. He had the inclination to check his phone’s gallery to see if he could find any clues as to where his phone had been. Imagine his surprise when he opened his gallery and found it filled with monkey selfies!

Zackrydz Rodzi told local media there was no sign of a robbery at his house in Batu Pahat, located in the southern province of Johor. “The only thing on my mind was it was some kind of sorcery,” Zackrydz said after having searched high and low for the phone.

He decided to search for it again the next day and ended up finding the device in the jungle just steps beyond his family’s backyard garden. Zackrydz called the phone while outside and traced the ring to a pile of leaves beneath a palm tree. And lo and behold, on that same afternoon, Rodzi noticed a monkey hanging around outside their house.

And when, on the advice of his uncle he decided to check his phone to see if he could find a picture of the culprit, whose pictures did he see but those of the same monkey. “Boom, it’s full of monkey photos,” Zackrydz said.

It was in fact, a full-on photoshoot!

Up close and personal images of the brown-eyed monkey is serving face while looking directly into the camera. He’s surrounded by lush greenery and birds can even be seen in the background in some of the photos.