Say what now? Actress Halle Berry had first orgasm at 11

Actress Halle Berry shared some very interesting news recently.

Halle Berry

In an Instagram Live question and answer segment with longtime friend Lindsay Flores, the Monster’s Ball actress answered questions from her fans. It was no surprise that many of the queries were about sex.

When asked about her first orgasm, Berry candidly responded. But most people wouldn’t have expected such an answer.

“I remember my first orgasm,” Berry said. “I did it to myself.”

She was then asked how old she was at the time, and Berry said that she was only 11 years old.

The 54-year-old actress, who is dating musician Van Hunt, said that she was figuring out her sexuality at the time “like most girls.”

“I feel bad for you now,” she jokingly said to Flores who couldn’t remember the first time she had an orgasm.