Seal wants to ‘understand’ where racism comes from

Singer Seal
Singer Seal

Seal wants to “try to understand” where racism comes from.

The Kiss From A Rose hitmaker insisted shutting down a discussion does more harm than good, and he’s “more interested” in finding out the cause of “hate” rather than ignoring people’s reasons.

Speaking to UOL in Brazil, he said: “I am more interested in having conversations and trying to understand what makes one person dislike another because of their colour. I don’t just want to say: ‘Shut up and go to hell.’ Or tell the person that they have no right to feel what they are feeling. That way nothing will be resolved.

“I would rather try to understand where the hate comes from.”

— Seal

“The conversation doesn’t start. I would rather try to understand where the hate comes from. In most cases, people don’t even know why they are racist. They just are. It was passed on to them.”

Seal – who has children Leni, 15, Henry, 14, Johan, 12, and Lou, 10, with his ex-wife Heidi Klum – revealed that he tries to teach his kids about “acceptance” and the importance of listening rather than dismissing people’s values.

He added: “I try to share positive values with my children, such as acceptance. Telling someone that your argument is right and someone else’s is wrong will not solve the problem. It doesn’t work like that for me.”