Sean Paul teaches us how to eat an East Indian Mango

Sean Paul

Jamaicans have a very established relationship with mangoes, East Indian mangoes in particular. But does everyone actually know the correct way to eat this delicious fruit? Sean Paul doesn’t think so, and so he made a TikTok with very clear instructions as to how this is done!

Pay attention BUZZ Fam. According to the international dancehall star, the proper way to eat this mango involves using your hands, no spoons! and of course a lot of sucking and chewing.

Use your teeth to remove the skin, and enjoy. And according to Sean Paul, the best part is the fleshy part which he vigorously devours for the camera.

“Very sweet, very hairy for the teeth and dem ting ting,” he says. “The fleshy part, very sweet.”

After eating all of the fleshy parts, you continue sucking out all the juices from the mango until it forms what he calls a “mango mohawk”, only then is it done.