Sean Paul’s wife, Jodi, shares ‘hectic life’ on YouTube channel

Jodi Henriques recently launched her YouTube channel. (Photos: @jodijinx)

Sean Paul’s wife, Jodi ‘Jinx’ Henriques, is serving beauty and mommy hacks on her newly launched YouTube channel, This is Jodi.

Premiering two weeks ago, the channel sees Jodi tackling all things motherhood, beauty, style and lifestyle, to the unscripted background of the couple’s firstborn, Levi, playing in the background, or baby Remi watching mommy get glammed up.


Jodi is no alien to sharing snippets of her life, as the humour-filled personality usually posts videos and IG stories offering fashion tips and advice to moms who are always on the go. This, she said, led to followers encouraging her to start a YouTube channel, “where I deal with everything to deal with motherhood, I’m a mom of two kids. Makeup; I used to be a self-taught makeup artist. I’m a costume designer. Style; I love to dress up, I actually won a style award a few years ago…so come along with me on life’s journey where I show my hectic, crazy life,” Jodi said.

Hectic indeed as the channel’s intro offers some insight into Jodi’s hands-on approach to mommy life, with a newborn to tend to, and Levi channelling his dad’s musical genes by deejaying for the fam in his own talent showcase.

Daily routine

Her uploads include a hair and makeup routine videos, where she walks subscribers through maintaining her juicy curls (secret: ‘glycerin + water’ spray bottle and leave-in treatment) and her sunblock-heavy daytime glam look.

Jodi (right) hugs Levi, as her husband, Sean Paul, holds Remi.

Her other upload is a mommy version of ‘What’s in my bag’, where she unloads a variety of things from pantyliners, tea bags, nail clips, baby wipes and a diaper kit.

She keeps it pretty transparent too, from sharing her challenges with scalp eczema, washing her lashes with Levi’s shampoo, keeping that old make-up brush with shredding bristles, to using the same concealer she bought years ago – just regular-degular girl vibes.