Secret Service admits it used pepper spray at DC protest

The US Secret Service has admitted to using pepper spray to clear protesters so President Donald Trump could have a photo-op at a church near the White House.

US President Donald Trump

The admission came in a statement yesterday, June 13, as the Service said one of its employees used pepper spray as part of efforts to secure the area for the President’s arrival.

The initial review of the events in Lafayette in Washington, DC, was made public on June 5 and the Secret Service said, based on information available to it then, no agent had used tear gas or pepper spray to disperse the crowd.

There has been an ongoing debate for two weeks as to whether tear gas or a similar substance had been used to scatter protesters, as suggested by television footage.

Subsequent to the area being secured, Trump and other members of his administration walked across the park to take photos in front the historic St John’s Episcopal Church, which was damaged during arson in the previous days.

 The shots were later used for a campaign ad for the president.