Seven signs of personal growth

Have you ever done some stupid stuff that years later you look back on and say: “what was I thinking?” Afterwards, you can only shake your head and attribute it to being young and dumb.

With time usually comes maturity and with maturity comes growth. One would hope that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past, but personal growth has to become a big part of that equation in order for that to happen.

The following are just seven basic signs that you have begun to evolve as an individual into a better, more enlightened human being.

Ages and stages

We all get there at different ages and stages, but hopefully, we do get there. It will not only change our outlook but bring us a little more peace of mind as with growth we learn to let go of some of the baggage from our past that we been carrying around like a monkey on our back. When we grow, we let them go.

1. You do not force relationships. If it is not working, it is just not working. You stop trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. Leave it alone and move on.

2. You embrace change. Change can be the best thing that ever happens to you, so do not be so resistant.

3. You practice forgiveness. You do not just cut people off anymore, you forgive them.

4.  You have learnt when to be silent. Many of us are obsessed with having the last word as if winning an argument makes us happier in the long run. News flash: it does not.

5. You respect differences. Differences should translate to being unique in our own right which is something to be embraced.

6. You avoid unnecessary conflict. Constant conflict is a headache, and who needs more of that?

7. You recognise that walking away is not a weakness. Walking away can be the strongest thing to do especially if you are being provoked. The wrong kind of provocation can have tragic consequences.