Seven things that men do that upset women

What is one thing that your man does that upsets you?

We’ve got to love our men because they are truly extraordinary creatures. They can make us mad, frustrated and crazy all at the same time.

But what would our world be without men in it? They keep us grounded and when you find a good and reliable one, you have basically found leprechaun’s gold! Let’s be clear, this does not mean that they don’t annoy us. They can also be more stubborn than an old mule with skin just as thick, hence the saying ‘we can’t live with them and can’t live without them’!

So with that being said, here are seven reasons why men get under our skin easily without even trying. 

1. Men lie

Some men seem to have a PhD in this department as they lie even when it’s not necessary. It could be a case of covering up insecurities or trying to impress a girl but either way, it’s not a trait that women find attractive. 

2. Men are too honest.

After reading that first reason, you’re probably a little confused now but bear with us. Women value the truth but when it comes to our looks or if we have gained weight in all the wrong places, you need to be mindful of how you say this to her. Be gentle, and exercise tact.

3. Men don’t talk.

A one-sided conversation is a lecture and we don’t want to be giving lectures when we are not university professors. The idea is that by staying quiet, they cannot put their feet any further in their mouths.   

4. Men talk too much!

Men who are chatterboxes will give you a headache. Talking too much is often a sign of nervous energy so bear with them. Others just love hearing the sound of their voice or perhaps their ego is way bigger than their member. 

5. Men don’t show their emotions

If he is emotionally unavailable or closed off, you may as well date a crash test dummy. The rationale behind it is that they do not want to be judged and any emotion other than happiness tends to not be viewed favourably. Some even think the strong silent type is sexy and it’s what women want.

6. Men can be too emotional

A lot of women get turned off if a guy is seen as too sensitive. For some it is like dating themselves or their best friend. We expect them to just ‘suck it up’ or to internalise whatever they’re feeling and store it away for future reference. Human beings don’t actually work like that. 

7. Men breathe

Yes, when we are upset even the sound of their breathing can annoy us. They snore and keep us awake, talk with food in their mouths and the worst one – chew loudly!

To some, these reasons may seem confusing but that is exactly how we feel at times trying to get our point across. If men could read our minds they would clearly see that some of the things they do aggravate us but part of the issue is we don’t tell them exactly how we’re feeling but expect them to know automatically –  unfair right?

Since men are not mind readers the best and logical thing to do is simply state what we want, when we want it, and exactly in what manner we want it to be. That way we avoid any miscommunication, headache, and aggravation. And yes, we know women can be annoying too, but that’s for another time.