Sex in the dark: Risky, routine or romantic?

The saying ‘anything done in darkness must come to light’ can be interpreted in different ways, and when it comes to the ‘hokey pokey’, darkness can be both a huge turn on for some, as well as serious mood killer for others.

So, what is it about the dark that can bring out the freaks and in the same setting make other draws for their flashlight and magnifying glass?

Using your imagination

Darkness has always been associated with mystery. Because human beings are not cats, we cannot see into spaces devoid of light, so what we lack visually, we make up for with our imagination. Hence, the mind conjures up all types of scenarios from something spooky to things titillating.

Intercourse first takes place in our minds as we fantasise about our partners and how the acts SHOULD play out before there is even the first physical contact, and being in the dark can amplify setting the mood. A few well-placed candles so that you do not stub your toe on the foot of the bed or other furniture, and it is game time. Exploring your partner’s body through touch and feel can be a huge aphrodisiac, so no light can be just right.

Inspecting the goods

But some women are not so keen on sex in the dark, as they say total darkness is like playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun. In a fairly new relationship, the first time, they say, should never be in the dark, as you have to ‘inspect’ the goods you just purchased. In other words, you need to strip the man down to his birthday suit and examine his genitals to see if what he promised and boasted about is in fact reality. It is also important to make sure no bumps, lumps, sores or bruises exist, as diseases have no place in the ‘promised land’. 

Some men also want to see what they brought home because in the era of plastic surgery, waist trainers and cute clothing with padding and secret compartments, they need the reassurance that what was adverted is real. They are curious to see the nude female form to see if the figure/shape sans clothing matches that with clothing on.

Honesty is the best policy

This, they insist, is not to embarrass the woman in any way but more so as a means of self-preservation. Not only are they scared that they may have brought home an individual who turns out to be more plastic than what is floating down by Kingston Harbour, but occasionally a few guys brought home someone with an extra appendage tucked away between their legs, leading to an unpleasant and traumatic surprise.

If that was not bad enough, some are concerned about being deliberately deceived by their partner, as there have been crazy stories about men who have erectile dysfunction (ED) and they say nothing about it to the new women in their lives. Instead, they resort to using a strap-on or dildo on the poor unsuspecting women to satisfy her because their egos would simply not allow them to communicate this beforehand.

At the end of the day, honesty and a sense of humour are probably the two biggest turn ons when it comes to sex, so ensure that you all stock up on both before heading in the bedroom.

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