Sex positions that burn the most calories

You don’t have to go to the gym to lose weight BUZZ Fam, your bedroom is just as effective, well, that’s if you’re having sex in your bedroom.

A recent research conducted by, revealed all the sex positions that you should be doing if you wanna lose some weight, while (hopefully) getting an orgasm.

The Squat

It makes a lot of sense that women could burn the most calories-between 188 and 224, while doing The Squat. The squat position involves the woman performing the popular exercise position on top of the man, who lies down flat.  Men, on the other hand can lose up 50 calories. I know its not much, but come on.

The Butter Churner

Next on the list of fat burning sex positions for women is the Butter Churner. You probably don’t know which position is called the Butter Churner, but trust us when we say, you’ve been doing it. This position involves the man standing above the woman, and ‘squatting and thrusting’, while she lies below him with her legs bent backwards. If you’re brave enough to try it, you can lose up to 179 calories in 30 minutes. And men can burn up up to 211 calories. 

The Standing Position

If you’re brave enough, then you should try the Standing position. Men can lose up to 198 calories while having some fun and trying not to dropping their partner. Women also need to put some effort into not falling, making them burn approximately 145 calories in this position.

Meanwhile Missionary, Spooning, and Eagle are some of the sex positions that burned the least amount of calories for both men and women.

Take a look at the listing below BUZZ Fam, and make note of all the ones you might be trying soon.

Sex positions that burn the most calories

For him 

Butter churner: 211 calories

Standing: 198 calories 

Doggy Style: 182 calories 

Kneeling wheelbarrow: 167 calories 

Lotus: 148 calories 

The Eagle: 145 calories 

Legs up: 127 calories 

Spooning: 101 calories

69 position: 78 calories 

The squat: 50 calories 

Cowgirl: 48 calories

Reverse Cowgirl: 48 calories  

 For her

The squat: 188 calories 

Butter churner: 179 calories

Kneeling wheelbarrow: 149 calories

Standing: 145 calories

Cowgirl: 139 calories

Lotus: 139 calories

Reverse Cowgirl: 137 calories

Legs up: 116 calories

69 position: 111 calories

Doggy Style: 103 calories

Spooning: 84 calories

The Eagle 69 calories