She does what now? Jobs women have that make men raise an eyebrow

There are some jobs that men, and some women, still think of as a man’s domain.

A woman’s chosen profession tells you as much about her personality and character as it does her goals and ambitions in life. Make no mistake, you cannot totally separate yourself from your career even after your shift is done. A woman’s work is never done and so when he hears about your chosen career path it may make him stop and think, especially if it is sensational, dangerous, controversial or clandestine.

1. Police Officer: She will do all the protecting and serving in that union.

2. Urologist: Handling men’s private parts leaves him with so many questions.

A woman doctor who specialises in men’s genitalia? Okay, it is 2020.

3. Masseuse: Having healing hands means that she is always in demand.

4. Exotic dancer: Like T-Pain said, he is in love with a stripper.

5. Psychiatrist: Being a shrink means that you have the best stories.

6. Model: He is intrigued by the many stories of meeting celebrities and shooting in exotic locations.

7. Nuclear physicist: Beautiful AND smart?

8. Mortician: Dude, she deals with the dead all day. You cannot compete with that crowd.

9. Exterminator: Usually women scream and run from insects and rodents but this one has fun finding them.

10. Sanitation removal engineer: A glorified way of saying she is a garbage collector.