Sheesh! Less make-up, please

When you hug them, you can bet your crisp starched white shirt is ruined for the day, as the make-up residue is all over your clothes. Now you will have to convince your girlfriend that you were not being ‘inappropriate’ with a female.

Any boyfriend or male colleague who has to deal with a female who wears too much makeup or ‘war paint’ knows that it is tough to handle a woman whose face is fortified with Berger paint. These women swear they are all Kim Kardashians, but in all honesty, they look like a knock-off version because the make-up is so heavy that they look plastic. Not a good look.

The first problem is that it prevents you from being spontaneous. If their boyfriends stop by unexpectedly to see them, they freak out and hold him outside for up to an hour in some cases, as they hurriedly try to get ‘runway ready’ (or so they think), applying a full face of make-up before coming outside or letting him in. Who really wants to deal with all of that?

So, it means that if he calls to say let us go out for a drive in the country, by the time she gets ready, it will be midday, and he will be fed up and call it a day. That is no way to live. Maybelline or Black Opal should not have that much power over your relationship. Plus, if your man has never seen you without any make-up, are you being completely real and vulnerable before him?  

Make-up was made to enhance your features or to give you a different look when needed. There is no reason for it to be used like one is performing in a circus or doing special effects on a horror movie set. It does not have to be heavy, overly dramatic or permanent. Yes, women are opting for permanent make-up because some believe that they must not be caught ‘unaware’ or unprepared. How sad can one’s life be?

Then, when it comes to sex, many make-up mistresses do not want to get too sweaty because they are afraid the make-up will run. So, who has intercourse without body heat and your heart rate accelerating? Unless you are having some casket-style sex, you are going to sweat. Here is a tip for you, Miss Berger: Put some lingerie on and leave the make-up off.

                                                                                                                                         Written by C.W.