Shenseea has hilarious moment trying to ice skate

Dancehall artiste Shenseea has a lot of talent but it seems that ice skating is not one of them.

In a video uploaded by manager Romeich Major, the ‘Rebel’ hit-maker is seemingly having a horrid time trying to skate at an indoor ice rink, along with a member of her entourage.

Romeich could be heard laughing like crazy as he watched his prized gem clinging for dear life to the safety rails as she tries to move along the the slippery surface.

It wasn’t Romeich alone that found it amusing, as fans also have been enjoying Shenseea’s failed attempt at skating.

One fan wrote, “wull it nuh Lego hear mi a tell yuh wull it” while another chimed in with “this was so much fun to watch”.

It seems that however she managed to navigate the situation safely as there has been no news that she was injured during her sojourn on the ice.

Shenseea however has seemingly been having a blast in the US after hanging out with the likes of hip hop mogul Diddy while also sunbathing in sunny California.