Shericka Jackson receives Devon House ice cream, Purity buns upon return home

On September 3, track star Shericka Jackson tweeted about the things she wanted when she returned home– two curry patties from Devon House, 3 grapefruit ice creams also from Devon House, chocolate, two cheese patties, and two Purity Buns.

We’re happy to report that the Olympic gold and bronze medalist got all her desires.

Scoops Unlimited, the company responsible for the world-famous Devon House ice cream brand gifted Jackson with a year’s worth of vouchers for her use. “Devon house ice cream came through by giving me an ice cream card for a year’s worth of ice cream. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it,” she tweeted.

She also shared other aspects of her visit indicating that she undertook a tour of the famous Kingston landmark. “Thank you so much for having me at today. It was a thrill because I relished every moment of my visit. From the informative tour to the delectable curry patties and, eventually, my favorite ice cream. It’s amazing,” she continued.

She was also gifted with packages of buns from Purity, for herself and her community.

“@sherickajacko just touch dung and got her Purity bun and products courtesy of Purity Jamaica,” the company tweeted. “We love you Shericka and we’re proud of all you did for us on an international scale.”