She’s a survivor! 107-year-old beats COVID-19

She’s a cancer survivor and had already survived one pandemic when she was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Tillie Dybing, 107, survived the coronavirus which she contracted this past fall.
(Photo: Ecumen)

Now Tillie Dybing can proudly say has survived two viral pandemics.

Dybing, 107, was diagnosed with the coronavirus in the fall but only had fatigue as a symptom of the illness.

The Minnesota woman, who lives at the Ecumen Detroit Lakes community home, has experienced a lot over her long life.

Born in 1913, she saw her family stricken by the 1918 flu pandemic when she was just four years old, and also beat uterine cancer at 95.

Dybing was removed from the Ecumen home that she’s lived at since 2015 for a few weeks while she recovered from the virus.

She is now back home and fully recovered.