Shopping items that will get you the side eyes

Vibrators will certainly make many eyes pop.

Have you ever been in the grocery aisle and observed what is in the shopping cart of the person in front of you? Did you ever see items that had you stifling your giggles or ones that made your eyes pop wide as you just could not believe someone had the balls to purchase that in public?

There are actually items bought that will get you the side eyes if they end up on the conveyor belt at your friendly pharmacy or supermarket, not to mention if the cashier shouts the name of the item to check the price. Some things are funny while others will have you scratching your head as to why cute little old aunty Edna would be needing that at her age.

Check out the list below and see if you have ever been guilty of any of these purchases.

1. KY Jelly. Yup, that will get you some glares because apparently lubrication will send you straight to hell!

Surprisingly, condoms are on the list.

2. Condoms. Everybody uses them, but to this day, people still feel weird purchasing pack at a pharmacy or gas station. Take this advice: better to have them because a pack of condoms is definitely cheaper than a tin of baby formula. You feel me?

3. Crotchless panties. Talk about tongue wagging! This is a definite conversation starter since it is said to be designed for sin, and everybody likes to gossip about a sinner.

4. Whipped cream. Nobody will ever believe you that it for cake decoration. Instead, they all assume you are decorating ya’ll body parts.

Handcuffs will make people think you are freaky.

5. Handcuffs. Unless they are a part of a Halloween costume package, onlookers will think you are getting your ‘Fifty Shade of Gray’ freak on.

6. Edible underwear. They do not care that it melts on your body and not in your hands. They just see it as ‘some freaky stuff’ and will be shaking their heads in your direction.

7. Hemorrhoid cream. This will get you some snickers, especially if you are a guy.

Vagisil will definitely get you the side-eye.

8. Vagisil. The implication is that you have an infection, and there ain’t nothing sexy about that. People may even give you a nasty look as if they can smell you.

9. Vibrator. While most people, in theory, applaud a women’s decision to please herself, in reality, if you purchase one in a store, the other nearby customers may size you up in their mind like ‘damn, it that hard to find a man?”

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