Should a woman stop dressing sexy if her man doesn’t like it?

Some women express themselves through their sexy outfits.

Six-inch heels? Check. Leather mini skirt? Check. Crop top? check. Yup, everything for a wild night of fun, food and memories is set, then you look across at your man and he is intently studying the clothes you have laid out on your bed, and his expression is not one of overwhelming joy.

New phenomenon

To say that he does not want you to dress sexy in public would be an understatement, but is that fair? Did he not get the memo that you love the way you look and want to share your fine self with the world?

In examining the question, you first have to look at how the woman dressed before she met her main squeeze? Did she always dress sexy or is it a new phenomenon because she lost some weight recently, had surgery or some similar situation that prompted a transformation? If it is a case that her dressing sexy is a new thing, she can maybe scale back a bit to make him more comfortable with her newfound confidence.

A woman’s sexy outfit might not always go down well with her man.

Desirable to other men

However, if he met her like that and her way of dressing caught his eyes, then he needs to let it go and just appreciate it for what it is. Most men dig the fact that their women are sexy, as it is an ego boost for them to know that she is desirable to other men but has eyes only for them. That is how most self-assured and secure men would feel. Alas, not every man is that secure.

Some men will actually see her dressing sexy as a sign of disrespect. They view it as if she is inviting other men to look, ogle and even flirt with her, even if these so-called men do not actually say one word. This type of mindset can prove problematic to a relationship, as it suggests that he does not trust her, and her means of self-expression, aka her clothing, does not sit well emotionally with him.


There are actually men who want their women to dress sexy …once the lady parts are covered.

If this is the case, there has to be a compromise or middle ground. If they both want to make the relationship work without it becoming one that is controlling on his part or toxic, he needs to assess what his real issue is with her dressing.

If her relevant lady parts are covered and no one else seems to have an issue with how she dresses, including her friends and family, then he may need to realise that the problem lies within him and his view. It may be a good time to suggest real introspection, and if he cannot do it on his own, it is never a weakness to say so and ask for help. This is where counselling comes in because talking things over with a professional is always a good idea.