Sienna’s challenge: Actress finds homeschooling daughter a difficult

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is finding it a “challenge” to homeschool her daughter.

The ‘American Woman’ star, who has seven-year-old Marlowe with her former partner Tom Sturridge, admits she has found it tough schooling her child in the coronavirus lockdown and “greatly appreciates” the people who teach for a living.

Speaking to Vogue magazine for their Postcards From Home series, she said: “Having to homeschool is a challenge, and it makes you greatly appreciate the people who teach for a living. They are making this system work in such an unpredictable and scary time.

“This experience is overwhelming, but I’m trying to bring in as much optimism as possible, and make the most of the time I get to spend with my daughter. There’s been lots of baking, lots of makeup, lots of swings.”

Back in 2019, Sienna admitted she wants to have more children and wishes she had her daughter when she was younger.