Signs that she might be ‘ring hungry’…

Some persons are very eager to get married.

Now, there are relationships, and then there are relationships. We date for a myriad of reasons – from companionship to love and everything in between. Some of us are cool with just having company, and some people want more, much much more. Some people want a ring, and they want it now.

Needy Nancy

While some may say that they simply want to be settled and happy, others see a woman who is desperately seeking a soul mate as ‘ring hungry’ and do not feel they should be pressured into walking down any aisle if it is not the aisle of a supermarket or megastore. Most men want to do things in their own good time, and so in order to avoid ‘Needy Nancy’ or ‘Ring Hungry Rita’, here are some ways to gauge if she wants to make you a husband sooner rather than later.

Men are often pressured into getting hitched.


1. There are wedding magazines placed on the coffee table….and on the nightstand in the bedroom. Hint Hint! Someone is sending you subliminal message.

2. She keeps reminding you of her ring size.

3. She takes you to meet her parents and is anxious to meet yours.

4. She tells you that she looks lovely and regal in white.

5. She sends you stories online of happy married couples.

6. She wants you to spend less time with your single male friends and more time with married friends.

7. She is always talking about your joint future together.

There’s no need to rush a proposal. Do it when you are ready.

Frank discussion

If she seems eager to make an honest man out of you, but you think it is too much too soon, you need to a have a frank discussion about what you want and if you even want to get married. If you do not see it in your cards, let her know before you are accused of leading her on.

If timing is more of a factor than anything else, explain that there is no rush and that she is doing more harm than good trying to bamboozle you into something you just are not ready for now. Let her know that she has to respect your timeline and that boundaries are necessary. Steamrolling or being manipulative is not an attractive quality at all, and she should appreciate that you want to take time to get to know her as a person and see how compatible you both are not just physically but emotionally and financially. All of that does not require a sprint but a paced marathon because if you are planning a forever together, you just cannot rush happiness.

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