Signs that your relationship might be toxic

You were out with friends having a great time until someone mentioned your partner’s name, and instantly that ‘Bloody Mary’ tasted like real blood. This realisation confirmed that things are far from good and that your relationship went from really terrific to truly toxic.

Though you may be denying it to yourself, finding the good about your relationship is becoming increasingly hard, and you cannot wait to go to work or to your family residence to just breathe and enjoy some peace of mind. If this is your typical outlook, things are now bordering on toxic, and it may be time to wave the white flag and surrender gracefully.

The following are clear signs that your relationship is in trouble. Do not ignore them.

  • The fights are constant. The squabbles are over petty things that are not usually the main problem(s).
  • You no longer want to go home. When your home is no longer a sanctuary but more like a prison, things are really bad.
  • You can no longer picture a future with the person.
  • You get secretive and start making plans as an individual and not as a couple.
  • You cannot hide your contempt for your partner whenever their name is mentioned.
  • One or both of you are passive-aggressive with each other.
  • The blame game is intense and ongoing.
  • Criticism is exploited to hurt or show disdain for each other.
  • You no longer go out as a couple.
  • Whenever you are together, there is an underlying tension. Even when people are present, it is palpable and makes others uncomfortable.

Written by C.W.