Signs you are a certified ‘yamhead’

Sadly, some females get a broken heart almost every year.

Have you ever had a friend that when it comes to men and matters of the heart, she is completely clueless? As a result, you sometimes feel like providing her with a magnifying glass, a map and a working GPS because she just cannot navigate through the slick mess that men tell her, so she ends up hurt and heartbroken at least once every year.

Yup, you know the friend of which I speak. That girl who has her life together in every other aspect except when it comes to her love life. She is smart, career-driven, funny and easy on the eyes, but when it comes to dating and choosing men, her choices in dating material make you wonder not only if the pickings are that slim but also if her radar for bull crap is irreparably broken.

Some women believe just about anything a man tells them.

That friend is to be pitied. That friend is also to be given a serious wake-up call. But the main question is: Do you ever wonder if that friend is you? Are you a certified ‘yamhead’? A ‘yamhead’ is that chick who men tell utter rubbish and they fall for it time and again, hook, line and sinker even though Stevie Wonder could see that it makes absolutely no sense!


To ensure that you are simply unlucky in love and not a PhD candidate for your ‘Yamology’, look at the following red flags and mark them against your own behaviour and reactions.

Always pay attention to the red flags in a relationship.

1. When you see him out with other women, he tells you that they are his cousins. Every single one.

2. He lives in your house but does not pay any bills because he claims he sends back all of his money to care for his sick grandmother in the country.

3.  You catch him whispering on the phone late at night, but he managed to convince you that he was not talking to another girlfriend. Instead, he claims he was counselling a female friend her through a difficult period in her life.

4. You find condoms in his car, and he is not using with you. His excuse is that he is ‘holding’ them for his homeboy.

5. He does not take you to any of his friend’s parties or link-ups, as he says no one else carries their significant other. Yet, you see his friends’ posts on social media and everybody else was ‘wifed up’.

6. When he works out of town you cannot get him on his phone. According to him, the cell towers are few and far between and the telecommunication signal is poor.

7. Whenever you do meet his friends, they shake your hand and refer to you by some other woman’s name until you correct them. Then they look startled and apologise profusely for the mistake.

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