Signs you are in a rebound relationship

Do you feel like you are a substitute for someone else?

Your mamma did not raise a fool, so though he treated you nice and all, some things are just off with this new relationship. Yes, you are officially a couple, but you feel like a stand-in or substitute for someone else, and every so often you catch him looking at you funny as if he is trying to mentally paste someone else’s head on your body. Could it be that you are his rebound from his last serious relationship?

Before you let anyone waste your time, effort and energy, start paying close attention to what is said as much as what is done. If he is only willing to share his body, but not is heart, then sister, this is not the space to be in. Look for the possible red flags to see if the one you are with, is really all in with you.   

Red flags

1. He keeps talking about his ex. If he mentions her name every day it is not good.

2. He keeps talking about the past. That is because it is where he is happiest.

3. He mistakenly calls you by her name. Run. Do not walk, run.

4. Her picture is still his screensaver. That is not just rude, it is also rather insensitive knowing you will see it.

5. He follows her on social media… like a stalker.

6. He keeps in contact with her best friend, so he can get updates about all her activities.

7. He compares you to her. This is a huge red flag and an indicator that you have lost both the battle AND the war.   

8. Her stuff is still lying around his place. They are not even boxed up and in the closet.

9. He avoids introducing you to his friends as his girlfriend. He just says your name and does not add a title.

10. They still call each other and/or hang out. Sis, you must realise by now that your role and position is unfortunately temporary.