Signs you are with a ‘man child’…

A man child often spends his days playing video games.

So, his last three girlfriends have left for the basically the same reason: they have judged, deliberated and found him lacking in basic consideration and maturity. In other words, they felt he acted like a ‘man-child’.

Who exactly is a man child, you ask? Well, according to the Urban Dictionary, a man child is ‘an adult male who still possesses the psychological traits of a child. Traits including, but are not necessarily limited to: being irresponsible, whinny, petty, passes the buck and the blame on to others and generally not stepping up to the plate when required or expected to.

Some men even depend on their mothers to do their laundry.

Signs and indicators

There are tell-tale signs and indicators that if you stick around, the road ahead may be riddled with potholes of frustration on your part as his actions mimic that of a three-year-old. Do yourself a favour and save yourself unnecessary heartache by observing the following and making a rational decision.

1. Though he lives on his own, he eats almost every meal at his parents’ home.

2. The only thing in his refrigerator besides water is beer and ice cream. Yup, party and comfort foods.

3. His home is decorated with cartoon and marvel comic posters. A huge one may be above his bed. Infantile behaviour at its finest

4. His mother still does his laundry AND folds his underwear. Enough said!

5. If he gets paid on the 25th, he is broke by the 28th and struggles financially until the next paycheque.

Sadly, some men cannot manage their finances.

6. His father still ‘squeeze him a smalls’ every week to tide him over to payday.

7. His living space looks less like a bachelor pad and more like a giant kid’s playroom. 

8. He plays video games with friends or by himself hours on end every day under the guise that he is ‘unwinding’.

9. He expects to be waited on and catered to the way his mother does for him.

10. When he does not get his own way, everyone hears about it as he complains for a lengthy period of time.

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