Signs you may be a ‘third wheel’

You pride yourself on being a good friend, one who is there for your pals and would never forsake them. You are always there at a moment’s notice but have you ever noticed that at times your friends do not seem to appreciate just how dedicated you are to the friendship? They may roll their eyes or get upset when you turn up without calling and make you wonder why they just do not seem as excited to see you as you are to see or be with them

The truth is, you are way too involved in their lives so they are just about fed up. There are some tell-tale signs that you are the third wheel. See the list below:

1. When you go out with your friend and her boyfriend, you want to sit in the middle.

2. They often invent ‘supermarket errands’ for you just to get a little alone time.

3. You seem to be their official photographer because you are usually not in the pictures but behind the camera.

4. When you all go out you call shotgun before anyone has even picked up the car keys.

5. When one of them starts telling a joke, you feel compelled to finish it…and they are not happy.

6. When one of them cannot get the other on the phone, they call to see if the individual is with you.

7. When they are fighting they leave it to you to deliver the messages.

8. When her boyfriend is buying her something to eat, he usually ends up buying meals for you too, just to ensure he is not labelled ‘mean’ or ‘inconsiderate’.