Signs you may be ‘one-night stand’ material

Most men do not turn a hook-up into a relationship.

Eye contact made. Phone numbers exchanged. Link made. Sexting begins. One party shows up. Clothes come off. Condom goes on. Coitus commences and then finishes. A taxi is called and the individual leaves. Another one-night stand completed. 

For some, it is just another night of fun. However, others, especially women, may wonder why no text after “Glad you got home safe”. That is because she saw the guy as someone she wanted to get to know better while he saw her as a hook-up or a one-night stand. Simple.

A one-night stand usually occurs after a bit of flirting.

Now, most men do not turn a hook-up into a relationship, and some women just do not get that sharing your body with a person you have known for a grand total of two hours won’t necessarily lead to a relationship. So, in order to assess if you are sending out ‘one-night stand’ signals, examine your behaviour to see if your actions are saying something that is diametrically opposed to what you really want.

The signals

1. When having a conversation with someone of the opposite sex, specifically one that you are attracted to, the conversation is usually steered towards sexual innuendos and sexually explicit material.

2. When guys send you ‘dick pics’ and ask you to reciprocate, you do so without hesitation.

3. Most of your social media posts show you in little or next to nothing.

The type of content a female posts online is quite telling.

4. Male contacts in your phone start flirting with you and you do not shut them down or set boundaries.

5. You like to date online and always tick the box ‘single and ready to mingle’.

6. You generally do not ask a lot of questions about a guy before meeting up with him.

7. You tend to forget to ask a guy his last name or generally just know him by his ‘nickname’.

Persons who are likely to do hook-ups don’t have a lot of friends.

8. You have a lot of ‘friends’ but are not close to many persons.

9. When guys try to start up a deep discussion with you, you see it as prying and keep conversation to ‘yes’ or ‘no’ monosyllables.

10. You do not like to be drawn into or get engaged in conversations that are controversial like religion or politics and generally like to keep it light and surface level.

11. When asked about future goals or dreams, you shrug your shoulders and change the topic.

12. You change boyfriends frequently ever since you started ‘dating’.

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