Signs you might have a jealous partner

If the very thought of your partner being with someone else sends you into an emotional tailspin, chances are you have been bitten by the green-eyed monster. Yup, jealousy is your evil bed mate and constant partner.

Some say a little jealousy is healthy, as it makes you appreciate your partner. But nobody wants someone who is controlling, dictatorial and demanding all the time. Examine the checklist of red flags to see if you, your friends or your partner, qualify for some serious relationship therapy.

  • They search your phone any chance they get. If there is no trust, you are walking a very tight rope.
  • If you post a picture of you out with your friends on social media, they ‘coincidentally’ turn up at the same location. Hmmmm…
  • They turned on the GPS on your phone. Did you not hear it pinging?
  • When you call, you have to make a video call and do a 360 panoramic view so that they can see exactly where you are. Who does that?
  • You are not allowed to have friends of the opposite sex, not even co-workers.
  • They call up people from your phone and demand to know the nature of your relationship.
  • If you say that you are going to get gas or even go to a family member’s house, they will tag along.
  • They check your body for signs of sexual activity. Oh, hell no!
  • They ‘time’ how long it takes for you to leave work and get home or how long it takes to go to the supermarket and get back
  • They give you a curfew. As if you are not an adult paying your own bills.

Written by C.W.

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