Signs your boss is being inappropriate

Some women struggle in the workplace because their bosses say the most inappropriate things.

Every time Mr Johnson calls you into his office or passes by your desk, you cringe. That is because he is the boss from hell with his creepy smile and looks that seem to always level off at your chest area. His comments are borderline offensive, but his actions are even worse. And though everyone sees, no one says a word.

It is one thing when the person being inappropriate is just a co-worker, but when the culprit is the boss, we usually take a step back and assess the situation. You wonder if we are over analysing the situation or if you are overly sensitive, especially in an era of the ‘me too’ movement when it is no longer acceptable to even tell a woman that her dress looks nice without it being considered sexual harassment.

World-class creep

Your boss’ actions might just leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Yet, despite all of this, the way your boss comes across leaves you with that bad taste in your mouth. Check the following tell-tale signs to see if it is in your head or if he is really a world-class creep that human resources need to have a serious talking to.

1. He stands behinds your chair and massages your shoulders. Why does he feel like he has the right to touch you?

2. When he stands behind you, you get the distinct feeling he is looking down into your blouse. A total creep move.

3. He cracks lewd and sexually explicit jokes, not with the guys in the office but with you. What he is doing is gauging your reaction to see if you will let it fly. Hence he is testing the waters to see what he can get away with.

4. He does not make much eye contact as he is constantly staring at your breasts. Your brain is not located in your chest.

5. He invites you out to lunch but never includes the rest of the staff. Lunch or dinner dates are a no-no unless everyone is invited.

If your boss is being inappropriate, don’t get frustrated. Instead, bring the matter to your HR department.

Red flag

6. He bans your boyfriend from coming to your workplace. It is an attempt to have some control over your external relationships.

7. He tells you that he had a dream about you and implies that it was an explicit one. Red flag right there.

8. He offers to pay your bills if you run short on money. He is moving from professional to personal real quick.

9. He buys you gifts, some expensive, some not. That is not company approved so give it back.

10. He ‘compliments’ you by talking about your body parts and what he would love to do with them. Right then, he has crossed the line and needs to be put in his place. Some sensitivity training and a sexual harassment seminar is urgently needed.  

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