Signs your friend is hitting on your spouse

So, she keeps calling you to ask where your boyfriend is and what he is up to. At first, you did not think much about it, but it has happened way too often, and now you are getting uncomfortable with her level of comfort around your man.

Is she hitting on him or is it just all in your head? Could you possibly be imagining that your friend of over 10 years has an interest in your mate? Nah, she wouldn’t do you like that …right?

Girl code

Now, before you jump to conclusion and open a can of ‘whoop-a**’ on her and end a relationship that has withstood many trials, tears and tribulations, look for some telltale warning signs that may tell you whether or not she wants to violate girl code.

1. She dresses way more provocatively around him. Especially if this was not the way she typically dresses.

2. When she tells a joke, she touches him or squeezes his arm. The touchy-feely thing is a dead giveaway.

3. She now has a cute nickname for him. B**ch please!

4. She has recently told you that she does not think you guys are really compatible. That is because she sees herself in your position.

5. She calls him for favours or to run errands. Isn’t that what she has brothers for?

6. She asks his opinion on everything. Unless he is really, really smart, this makes no sense.

7. She only comes over if he is home. Who exactly did she come to see?

8. For no explicable reason, she spends less and less time with you. The friendship is no longer a priority.

9. She starts every sentence with his name. Soon she will be hunting for his surname.

10. She invites him over to her house …without you. If he does not tell you about it, he is also up to something.