Simone Clarke-Cooper loses mom to COVID-19

Simone Clarke-Cooper, veteran broadcaster, lost her mother to the deadly COVID-19 virus on Wednesday, March 31, 2021.

Clarke-Cooper made the announcement on Twitter, where she was met with supportive messages from media colleagues and followers alike.

“Thy Will Be Done, On Earth, As It Is In Heaven.’ While I may not understand, I must accept. Thank you for the collective, consistent thoughts, prayers, words of encouragement. Mom is no longer with us in body. She is forever with us in spirit,” said Clarke-Cooper in a Tweet.

“I will love you forever, Ma,” she added.

During a recent episode of her show SIM Soul Sessions, in which she interviewed colleague and Covid-19 survivor, Giovanni Dennis, Clarke-Cooper revealed that her mother, Novelet, had been hospitalised due to the virus.

She then revealed in a tweet on March 17, that her mother was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and asked for prayers.

“Hi there. I often speak about the power of positive thought, and of prayer. So I’m asking you for a bit – well, a lot – of both. My Mom is in hospital because Covid has come her way. So please, if you’re a praying or positive person,” said Clarke Cooper in a tweet.

In a subsequent tweet, while her mother was still being treated, she added, “Hi everyone. Mom’s still in hospital & we continue to pray that she’ll be well & home soon. Hard to get information bc the system is under so much pressure. Please continue to pray for her, & all who are in hospital & especially for our doctors & nurses.”