‘Since when you wash dishes?’: Lisa Hanna is just another sceptical mother

Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna

We all know Lisa Hanna, whether from Miss World, her early years on television or as a four-term Member of Parliament.

But it turns out the St Ann South Eastern MP is just like any other mother, forever supportive but suspicious when her child starts doing the dishes for no apparent reason.

In a hilarious clip shared to her Instagram account last evening, the beauty queen-turned-politician shared an exchange with her son, Alexander, after getting in from work.

Hanna, seeing Alexander in the kitchen asks “You’re washing the dishes?” before laughing awkwardly.  

“Please tek off that thing off the top of yu head.”

– Lisa Hanna

When he replies in the affirmative, she follows up with “You okay? Seriously? When since you start wash dish?” to which he responds, “I wash dishes every night!”

Hanna responds, “Alex that’s so not true!” prompting her son to say “Mom, do you not know the amount of times you’ve come inside this room…”

His sentence goes unfinished as Hanna interrupts, “Alex every morning I wake up there’s dishes in the thing.”

Lisa Hanna is running against Mark Golding for president of the People’s National Party.

Insisting that he does the dishes, and refuting Hanna’s “And then I see a big cereal bowl”, Alex says, “Mom, when was the last time you see a cereal bowl?” Without missing a beat, the communications practitioner responds “This morning!” before bursting into laughter.

The video was part of a longer IG Live which Hanna used an opportunity to “hail” her followers, as she focuses on running for president of the People’s National Party.

“I haven’t spoken to you guys in a long time, I just felt the urge to come on in. You know that I’m running for president of the party so my evenings and my mornings are really busy,” Hanna said.

Before going into the discussion, she asks Alexander to “come say hi to the people” adding “Please tek off that thing off the top of yu head.” She repeats “Please” twice, and is turned down both times before he makes an appearance on camera with du-rag Hanna wanted gone.

Hanna will face-off against Mark Golding for leadership of the PNP in a special delegates conference scheduled for November 7.