Singer NRozea returns to music industry with ‘Modern Girl’

Fourteen years ago, singer Nardia Rose was living her best life in Jamaica. She was making strides with Real Hot Gal that was recorded at Buju Banton’s studio and her single If You Wanna Dance, featuring Rolly Bop and Sample Six, was being played at ‘Passa Passa’ in Kingston, and it had an international presence on BET/Tempo TV and was being rotated on multiple radio stations in the Diaspora.

In 2007, right when her music career was taking flight, Rose made the decision to return to New York to start a family. Eventually, she went back to school. After a hiatus, the Bronx-based singer is back with a brand new name – NRozea – and a new sound that she is confident will take her to the top.

“I am ready to unleash my talent for the world to see.”

— NRozea

More mature

Looking back and making the comparisons, NRozea said: “I was young without much knowledge about life and the music business. Today, I am mature and knowledgeable about the business side of the industry. To be honest, I was missing the stage. Now I am ready to unleash my talent for the world to see!”

Musing on her journey and the decision to cover Courtney Melody’s Modern Girl, NRosea said it was the brainchild of executive producer Sharmell John of Diamond Queen Records. Omarion Banga was the producer.

“Sharmell had the idea. She wanted to inject new life into an old song and put an upbeat rhythm and feel to it. She chose Modern Girl as the song, and what a great choice it is turning out to be,” she shared.

Favourable response

Sharmell has some history in the entertainment industry. In the 80s she was a founding member of girl’s group ‘Sha-Lor’ that was signed to Jumpstreet Records.

Originally co-produced by Robert Ffrench, Modern Girl was a massive reggae hit in 1986, topping charts in Jamaica, US, Canada and parts of Europe and Japan.

“Robert is very pleased with the finished product. He said I brought new life to the song and is confident it will be fire again,” NRosea said.

So far, social media has responded favourably to the track.

“I have been getting positive responses from fans here in the US and as far as Russia, England and Africa. It’s crazy the feedback,” she said.