Six things you should stop doing at work

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You spend most of your day at work, and it’s quite normal to become very comfortable. However, this should not result in you treating your workplace like your living room, or behaving like a new military recruit. Here are six things you should stop doing at work.

Being too busy for breaks

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Work can get busy, but you should never get too busy to take a small break. The fact is you’re better at everything when you’re rested.

Forgetting to laugh and have fun

Hey BUZZ fam, work should also be fun. Trust us when we tell you it will make the work much easier.

Complaining about everything

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You’re at work, suck it up, or leave. Complaining about it won’t help, in fact, it will only drain the energy out of your other co-workers.

Get caught up in the politics

This can be a little tempting, but trust us when we say it’s not worth it. Go to work, do the work, and leave the politics.

Not taking your lunch break

It’s about time you stop taking your lunch breaks at your desk. Use the time to take a walk, engage in conversation with your coworkers, or just spend the hour away from your desk.

Reveal too many personal details to coworkers

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Your coworkers can be your friends, but they are not always your friends. So even if you get a little chatty with them, try and put a cap on the amount of personal detail your reveal.