Sleeping problems could be inherited from your parents

BUZZ Fam, are you having problems sleeping? Blame your parents.

A study have shown that if your parents have sleep disturbances, then these could be passed down to you.

Researchers asked almost 6,000 middle-aged people and their grown-up children how they slept during the average week.

People whose parents found it difficult to fall asleep at night were about 50 per cent more likely to have the same problem.

And the children of parents who suffered from insomnia were about a third more likely than others to be insomniacs too.

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Did you get annoyed by your parents snoring? Well, turns out that you are now 45 per cent more likely to snore yourself.

You’re even at a greater risk of suffering from extreme sleeping disorders, such as narcolepsy and clinical insomnia.

But Professor Eva Lindberg, who was involved in the study which was done at Department of Medical Sciences at Uppsala University in Sweden, has some reassurance. “Where these problems run in the family, people might want to avoid situations likely to change their regular night-time habits, as we know that not getting enough sleep is bad for health.” he said.