Sleeping with partner’s t-shirt increases rest, study finds

Are you having trouble sleeping? You don’t need a sleeping pill, what you need is your partners t-shirt.

Did you know that cuddling your partners t-shirt or being able to smell their unique scent will help you sleep at nights?

Yes BUZZ Fam. This is according to a study from researchers at the University of British Colombia. They found that sleeping with the natural odour of a lover improves the quality of rest. 

Apparently sleeping with their scent, even if they aren’t there physically, improves sleep length by nine minutes a night. That’s equal to an hour a week sleep, it also decreases tossing and turning.  

The researcher claim the benefit is as strong as taking sleeping aides such as melatonin supplement.

They conducted experiments with 155 participants that slept with two different T-shirts as pillow cases.

One carried their partner’s scent and the other was completely clean and bland. 

The shirts had been worn by their romantic partner for a period of 24 hours in order to capture their body scent. 

The partners had also been asked to not use deodorant, scented body products, smoke, exercise or eat certain foods, such as spicy dishes to avoid distorting their body odour. 

The other had either been worn by a stranger or was clean. 

The participants were asked to sleep with each T-shirt over their pillow for two consecutive nights without knowing which was which. 

Their sleep quality was measured using an actigraphy sleep watch, which detects movement throughout the night. 

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Sleeping with your partner’s body scent reduces tossing and turning (Photo:

The data from the watch revealed participant’s with their partner’s smell next to them had a more peaceful sleep and did not toss and turn as much.  

The next morning, participants were asked to fill in a survey saying how well rested they felt. 

People who slept with their partner’s smell had, on average, nine minutes more sleep a night despite their partner not even being present.